WordPress: How to Disable Comments

This article will outline the easiest ways of how to disable comments in WordPress.

Disable Comments For A Single WordPress Post
To disable comments on a specific post or page, go to edit that post or page. Then scroll down to find a section labeled Discussion. You may need to first click on ‘screen options’ in the top right corner of the page in order to activate the discussion meta box. Now you can check the box next to the “Allow comments.” option, and click the Update button to save the setting.

Disabling Comments on Multiple Posts or Pages
Navigate to the Posts or Pages section in the admin area. Select all the posts or pages you want to disable comments by clicking on the checkboxes next to the post titles. Then choose “Edit” under the bulk actions drop-down menu and click Apply. The bulk edit area will appear with some drop-down menus in the middle of which the second one is for comments. Change it to “Do not allow” and save the settings by clicking the Update button on the far right side of the editing area.


Turn Off All WordPress Comments by Default
It is possible to disable all the comments on future posts and pages by adjusting WordPress Discussion settings. Navigate to the Settings → Discussion page and check the box next to the “Allow people to post comments on new articles” option, and click “Save Settings”. Please note that this setting may be overridden for individual articles if needed.

Close Comments Automatically After A Specific Number Of Days
To turn off comments automatically after a specific number of days, visit the Settings → Discussion page and look for the “Other comment settings” section. Tick the box next to the “Automatically close comments on articles older than X days” option, fill in the number of days, and click “Save Settings.”

Delete All WordPress Comments
To delete comments, go to the Comments link in the left menu of your blog dashboard. There are filtering options for all, pending, approved, spam, or trash comments as well as a search option on the right. The bulk action drop-down menu allows comments to be unapproved and moved to the trash folder where you can find the Empty Trash button to permanently remove all unwanted comments.

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