Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins


Blog comments are a great way to expand the article and build community. Unfortunately, they’re also abused by spammers often using automated bots. Spam comments may include keywords such as viagra, diets, belly fat, casinos, poker, and gambling with links to low-quality sites associated with spammy content. These spammy links to “bad” external sites may have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

“Spam not only distracts and annoys your users but it can be damaging to your site’s reputation and authority if you fail to deal with the issue.”

How comment spam can hurt your site
Spam not only distracts and annoys your users but it can be damaging to your site’s reputation and authority if you fail to deal with the issue. Sometimes spammers post links to dangerous websites and machines analysing the pages algorithmically may consider it part of the threat. As a result, search engines may lower the rankings of your site and some browsers may block access to these “suspicious” pages altogether. Spam comments may also break down the site in the long run as they will start to consume larger share of your database leading you eventually exceeding the disk space quota.

How to get rid of spam comments
It is possible to eliminate the vast majority of your comment spam by configuring the discussion settings properly in your chosen content management system and using a good anti-spam plugin. You could manually approve every comment but a more practical solution is to manually approve only the first comment of a person and once they are approved, their comments will be published automatically. You can also filter any comments with links or banned words into the moderation queue automatically. It is recommended that you disable member registration as registered users may be able to post unfiltered. You could only allow readers to post comments on new articles, and require their name and an email address. In WordPress, these Discussion settings are located in the Settings section of the admin area.

Best Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress
In addition to configuring discussion settings a good anti-spam plugin is needed. Ideally, it should require minimal extra effort for a genuine visitor to leave comment and you should avoid checkbox or captcha type of bot checks. The quality anti-spam plugins validate trackbacks by comparing the client IP address of the incoming trackback against the IP address of the server which need to match. Also, spam comments should not be allowed to enter into the database as this may increase the server load and deteriorate performance. For more professional use the plugin should also provide regular spam statistics. There are many free and premium wordpress plugins available. For instance, Antispam Bee & WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam are free solutions whereas Akismet and CleanTalk charge a fee for the use of a full version.

Antispam Bee


Antispam bee is a very effective and reliable plugin which blocks spam comments and trackbacks without captchas. It is free of charge and compliant with European data privacy standards. It comes full of great features, such as matching spam against a public database, validating the commenters’ IP addresses, notifying admin about spam comments and cleaning your spam folder automatically.

License: 100% Free (Donation)

Key Features
  • No registration required
  • Statistics on the dashboard
  • A local spam database
  • Trust approved commenters
  • Validates the IP addresses
  • Uses a public anti-spam database


WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam


WP-SpamShield is a robust anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam without using any Captchas or challenge questions. This plugin can block spam originating from bots and humans using over 100 advanced filters. WP-SpamShield filters spam automatically in the background and deletes spam instantly saving time and space.

License: 100% Free (Donation)

Key Features
  • No Captchas
  • Trackback Validation
  • Spam free contact forms
  • Blocks spam from bots and humans
  • Prevents user registration spam
  • Spam queue is not stored




Akismet, developed by Automattic – the company behind WordPress, is included in the standard WordPress installation package. The service is free for personal blogs while paid subscriptions are available for commercial sites. The Plugin checks comments against a cloud database to ideentify spammy comments. In order to activate the service you’ll need to get an Akismet API key by registering on their site.

License: Free for personal use, commercial sites from $5 a month

Key Features
  • Very popular Anti-Spam plugin
  • URL’s are shown to reveal hidden links
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7
  • Akismet API key required
  • Available in 38 languages
  • Comment status history




CleanTalk provides a premium cloud-based anti-spam service via their plugin for WordPress which blocks spam comments, spam bot signups and trackbacks. The plugin uploads incoming comments to a cloud server where they are filtered to a spam queue or approved and published. CleanTalk maintains advanced statistics of blocked comments. The plugin supports many third-party caching and forms plugins.

License: 7 Day Free Trial, Then $8 Per Year

Key Features
  • Cloud-based anti-spam service
  • Compatible with various form plugins
  • Manage filters via a free app
  • Advanced spam statistics
  • Spam log with reasons for a block
  • Technical support available


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